Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Wish List oo6

The Wednesday Wish List is back! Being sick has given me plenty of time to look at pretty things online when I really should have been recovering and drinking more fluids.. Check out this week's items!

Wednesday Wish List

001 | First is this beautiful checkerboard dress from Monki. Monki are a brand who I think get easily overlooked. They remind me of Gap and H&M - brands who create great quality clothing at amazing prices. This dress is £40 and will be so snug and comfy this winter!

002 | I've become really obsessed with Jeremy Scott recently. I'm watching about ten pairs of his Adidas trainers on eBay at the moment, despite the fact that I really can't afford them. His designs are so 90's and a bit Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I think these ones are an older design but I am in love with the Miami pair and pretty much everything else he lays his hands on!

003 | Now for another high end product (isn't that what wish lists are for?) I love love love sunglasses in the winter. I love the idea of a simple black silhouette with dark shades and chignon hair. Basically I love funeral chic. These Nikitas by Tom Ford are so beautiful and I am still devastated that last year I missed out on a brand new pair on eBay for £60!

004 | Ahhh black boots! I don't know how I am going to dress when Summer comes around. I love the detailing on this pair from Choies - the gold hardware and the patent croc is beautiful! definitely going to invest in some moc croc boots when Christmas is out the way!

005 | Being sick means a lot of nail art. I have been constantly painting my nails over the past few weeks but my topcoat is awful! I've been using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Top coat and is chips and dents after about an hour And it takes forever to dry! I've been looking at a lot of top coat reviews and I've heard so many good things about the Seche Vite top coat. Apparently it is THE best and makes your nails look like you've had shellac - really glossy and gel-like.

006 | It was difficult choosing only one item from Zara for this week's wish list. Everything is incredible and I want all their plaid. However I went with this gorgeous blue and gold statement necklace. I love a statement necklace and this is a great day to evening piece!

007 | Another piece I found on Choies was this amazing burgundy coat! As much as I love a tailored winter coat, sometimes it's just really nice to throw on something comfy for popping to the shops or walking the dog. I love the collars on this coat and the shape looks really comfy and cosy. The only thing I really want to change about this is the texture - Choies, can you make this in corduroy?

008 | Whilst currently being obsessed with nail art, I have been keeping up to date with the Queens of nails - WAH on their Instagram! Obviously because I can't get enough, I found their book on Amazon! It's an amazing selection of designs and inspirations with handy tips and tricks! Next time I go to London I am getting booked in for daisy print nails!

009 | Lastly my battered gold watch from Next has gone missing. I know it's somewhere in the house but it's probably time for a new one anyways.. I love this gold one with little globes in the face from ASOS! It's only £25 and really cute. Simon has hinted about getting me a watch for Christmas so this is some good shopping inspiration for him!

I've just had to speed type all of this because I can hear Badger being a little gremlin downstairs. Today she decided to eat a pen. We are both covered in ink and she has a completely black paw. I hope she starts being good soon!



  1. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. Love the sunglasses, even in the winter as well!
    I had an amazing pair of cat eye which unfortunately got all scratched and destroyed..

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X