Thursday, February 13, 2014


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For most people, dull and dry skin is just a winter occurrence. For me, a super dry skin and occasional psoriasis sufferer, this is how my face always looks. It's a blessing and a curse. I rarely get spots because of the lack of skin oil but instead I get red patches and a dull tone. 
Cold winter weather and super hot heating really make my skin flare up during these months so I thought I would write a a small series on the best products for dry skin - you would be surprised at how little has been written about this skin type!
Starting with moisturisers, I have been testing some drugstore classics and a few newer products all easily accessible and coming in at under £10!

Weleda Skin Food for Dry and Rough Skin Starting with priciest product, Skin Food is beauty industry favourite and apparently used by Victoria Beckham. Those that follow me on Twitter will know I have been raving about this product. It's an incredibly thick cream with a bit of a tacky texture so requires some warming up before use but I find that if I use this before bed, I wake up with much softer skin! I have the 30ml tube which has lasted ages because you only need a tiny bit. Have I mentioned the smell? I still can't work out what it is exactly but it's super fresh and a bit like lemon/orange rinds!

Nivea Creme Pot There's a reason this product has been around for so long! A beauty classic that I'm sure every female (and probably male) family member has used - I know it's one of my mum's faves! Nivea Creme is super thick, luxurious, extremely moisturising, a perfect day or night cream AND comes in at less than £1 for the 50ml 'throw in your bag' tub! I also find a little bit on a cotton pad is a very gentle way to remove face make up.

Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream for Dry and Sensitive Skin Another Nivea product if you're not sold on the last one (in which case you might be a little mad!) This is a lighter version of the Creme Pot and soaks into the skin very quickly without any residue. It's twice the price of the Creme Pot and I do think this might be might be more suited to the sensitive skin market however; if you need a lighter cream, this is the one.

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry The final product is part of a skin type moisturiser series from Garnier. There are five different creams for five skin types and I, of course, have the dry to very dry skin version. This is another thick and luxurious cream but it's a little bit different to the other products. It's a little greasy (which it claims not to be) but I quite like that in a face cream because it feels hydrating and normally means it's full of good oils (this has Camellia oil for nourishment) I would recommend this as a night cream because of the greasiness and slower soak in time but you will wake up with beautiful soft skin in the morning! 

The next post in the series will be the best foundations for dry skin followed by exfoliants and masks! Let me know if there is anything you want me to test in the comments!

Saturday, February 08, 2014


There's only six days left until Valentine's Day and if you're still without a card for your beloved then I have a treat for you. I've rounded up some of the best cards on Etsy for a unique, handmade token that will put a smile on your Valentine's face. Most of the sellers are incredibly fast and reliable with postage so get your orders in ASAP to ensure your card arrives on time! Click on the images below to be taken to the shop and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So, after a week of Grammy-related headline grabbing Beyonce news, I started thinking - what happened to Solange?
I've always had a little soft spot for B's younger, cooler and highly underrated sister. Her EP, True was my bath time soundtrack for the whole of last year and my summer wardrobe purely consisted of clashing patterns after watching the Losing You video..
Unless you lived under a rock last year, you will know that her face/style was pretty much in every magazine. My favourite trend will always be monochrome but every time I saw Solange, out went the black and white and in came patterned two pieces and metallic wedges.
Since there's no news of an album release, I decided it was a good excuse to get my daily Solange quota through pretty pictures and some strong styling!

All images from Tumblr and Pinterest