Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Firstly, I hope everyone had the best Christmas! Mine was lovely and I am now carrying a layer of turkey and Quality Street round my waist.

So it's been a few weeks and my blog has been collecting dust! Everything has become so hectic recently and a lot has happened! 

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that my puppy, Badger had to have an operation. She's obsessed with eating anything she can get her little paws on which resulted in a mass of plastic, fluff and more plastic being formed in her stomach and intestine and needing to be removed. It made her really sick, dehydrated and unresponsive (and I just want to say, it's so easy to just assume your pet is fine when they're ill but always take them to the vet if they're not themselves. We almost didn't take Badger, and she wouldn't be alive now if we hadn't) Anyways, after the operation she was back to her usual bouncy self but it was still a very draining twenty four hours!

Also, Christmas present shopping seemed to take over my life during Badger's recovery time. Whilst she felt fine, she actually need quite a bit of looking after for two weeks. Therefore, I became an online shopping maniac. I think I only actually bought my wrapping paper in a physical shop. I would definitely recommend online present shopping. It didn't have to fight people in Boots in the 3 for 2 section and I got some beautiful unique gifts for my friends and family.

Finally, I have been obsessively applying for various jobs and I have been offered an amazing role! I won't go too much into detail until I've started but I'll be working for
an expanding student accommodation company, managing the halls and doing various social media work with them!

So, I've been reading a lot of end of year review posts this week and thought I would get involved and write mine. Unfortunately 2013 hasn't been the best year for me. I made some awful mistakes - particularly work related and the past six months have been horrible. However I did start my blog and been able to do some amazing things because of it! So instead of dwelling on my horrible year, I thought I would write a more positive look at 2014.

So things I want to do next year -

Travel - I really want to book a weekend to New York (pretend I'm in Girls) go to Berlin (pretend it's 1920's) and me and my boyfriend need to go to Paris (pretend I'm French)! Next year is all about experiences for me and I want to see as much as possible! I'm not the kind of girl that desperately needs to go trekking around Nepal, there's so many much closer places to see first!

Find something and stick to it - There are thousands of things I want to do in my tiny lifetime and I plan on achieving most of them. Now 22, I have had so many jobs in various sectors and in everyone I want to work my way up. Some less aspirational than others, but no matter what I always want to be the best. At everything. So I need to find a route to becoming the best fashion writer/web designer/nail technician/editor/blogger/stylist/photographer/doctor/person who names nail polishes.

Show my face more - I've tested the waters with blogging. Decided what I don't want to be doing and what I want to progress with and 2014 is the year I do it properly. Of course there are no 'proper' ways of blogging but I want to try every format and I'm going to be venturing into Youtube soon! I have a few hauls planned and a few reviews so watch this space! I'm also going to start doing some OOTD's/FOTD's, lifestyle posts and writings and maybe some nail tutorials! Leave a comment below if there's anything specific you would like to see! Very excited/nervous!

So, they are my main resolutions! Of course there are the more obvious ones (stop spending all day in bed, lose weight..) but we all know they only last five minutes..

Have an amazing NYE and I hope 2014 brings you everything you want and more.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hi everyone! So, this week I have been completely lusting after the Primark SS/14 collection after reading so many blog posts from the press launch - this would be my dream press invite by the way Primark, if you're reading this...

Here are my picks from what I've seen so far!

Primark SS14

001 | First is this beautiful coral maxi with a bit of back detailing. This would look amazing with a tan and some turquoise platforms.

002 | Next is my favourite trend prediction - tropical prints! I absolutely love all things pineapple, flamingo and palm trees - like this amazing skirt!  I hear there is a matching top too!

003 | Monochrome is so trans-seasonal so I would very happy to see lots of black and white in this collection. I love this wrap skirt which would fit nicely into your existing wardrobe.

004 | The Primark holographic clutch is the only bag you will need next summer. I promise!

005 | This is another great piece that can be worn all year. The panelling makes it a bit more daring whilst the length keeps it classy and wearable in daytime.

006 | Champagne gems on a lambrini budget are what I'm all about. This necklace is so pretty and looks much more expensive than it actually is.

007 | I definitely see this style of dress being a summer staple next year. I love the pattern, the coral and the back detail is perfect for extra hot weather!

008 | These shorts are another versatile piece for daytime to evening looks. The tailored style gives you a great fit whilst the scalloped edges keep them feminine.

009 | If there's one thing I think that Primark excel at - it's low budget printed shirts. They have so many styles and patterns and usually cost less than £12. This shirt is no exception and I love the sleeve length and loud pattern.

010 | Continuing with patterns - this past Summer, I have lived in printed trousers. They were the easiest thing to throw on and always looked nice. I am in love with these silky pajama style ones and the print is so pretty!

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Friday, December 06, 2013


Yesterday it was announced that River Island will be collaborating with Katie Eary on their SS/14 collection. The collection will be in stores from February 17th (put this in your diaries coz it's gonna get whipped up quickly!) I thought this would be a nice opportunity to get to know Katie before her collection lands.
So, she studied at the Royal College of Art and graduated in 2008. Initially, she only designed menswear (where her creativity was more noticable) but 2013 saw her venturing into womenswear with the same enthusiasm - aka crazy amazing designs!

Six years ago Katie was a poor graduate, queuing for her dole money every two weeks and struggling to pay off her student debts. Now she's an established British designer and very much in demand for various collaboration projects. She's friends with Kanye West and has dressed Rihanna and Lady Gaga in her bold and unique designs.

So what can we expect from her 18 piece collection for River Island? I'm predicting lot's of textures and patterns possibly in her SS/14 colour of choice - coral? In previous interviews, Katie has shown a lot of interest in designing swimwear collections in future which I think would be amazing for River Island! I'm also hoping for some skateboards!

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


This week's wish list is entirely from the new stock in Topshop! I think their clothes are amazing at the moment - better online than in store (is it just me or do you never see half the stock in the actual shop?..)

Wednesday Wish List oo7

001 | I've noticed that Topshop seem to have fast forwarded straight to summer in their stock ( I found this gorgeous bikini...) including these lovely vintage style sunglasses! As I've said previously, I love sunglasses in Winter. When I lived in London I wore them all the time but it's not as acceptable up North!

002 | Next is this royal blue PJ Wrap Jumpsuit! I have been searching far and wide for a winter style jumpsuit and I think this is the one. It has a bit of a seventies feel with the lapels but the straight leg keeps it modern. These would look so cute with the holographic shoes!

003 | If there's one thing I've really become obsessed with this year, it's nail art. Following Wah Nails on Instagram has made me a full blown nail art addict. I constantly look for new designs on Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr... Obsessed. You can see my poor attempt at the Wah daisy print here (not too bad for my first attempt with dotting tools!) I love these tropical nail stickers with little parrots on them! They will bring a nice bit of sun to this winter weather!

004 | I've really embraced the masculine tailoring this year especially in coats and dresses. I love the boxy shape of this Garden Floral Kimono with the feminine print. This would look so cute with a heavy coat and chunky boots!

005 | I'm yet to try Topshop nail polish! I've read so many good reviews about them but never had the chance to buy any! Our local branch doesn't sell them so I would have to venture over to Liverpool to check them out properly. This Croupier matte black polish looks lovely and gothic.

006 | For some reason, I didn't know Topshop sold watches. I've just never looked into it.. This Rock Scribble Heart watch by Zadig and Volitaire is the right balance of chunky gold yet dainty enough for the female wrist. The heart detail is really pretty and unique too.

007 | As I am forever mentioning, Topshop can do no wrong when it comes to boots. These are the Peace Chunky boots and probably the most expensive ones I've found but I just love the cutaway detail and the buckles.

008 | I really love plaid and I'm a bit scared for the end of winter, when it's all over and it seems really 'last season' by the time September comes round again. It's such a classic pattern and I think it should be appreciated all year round (in case you hadn't noticed, it's my favourite pattern!) I love these check cigarette trousers in a purple and green plaid. They would still look really sweet in Summer with loafers and a tie top.

009 | How cute is this necklace? I love a splash of colour against a dark winter palette but this would also be great for colour blocking!

010 | Every week I fall in love with a new coat and this week it's the Wool Notch Neck coat in a light mustard colour. It reminds of the same style coat Audrey Hepburn worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's but much more boxy. Again, this is another great item for colour blocking!

011 | I jumped on the holographic train far too late. After trying so hard to be a grown up, I give in and want my life to be silver and shiny. I desperately need these sandals but want that heel just a touch higher!

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Jeremy Scott - The Sports Luxe God.

I think we can all agree that Jeremy Scott is the swaggiest designer of the last ten years. From dressing Katy Perry, Rihanna and everyone in rap, to his famously insane collaboration with Adidas - I think we all want a piece of his wings.

The Brooklyn educated designer launched his first collection in 1997 and has since shocked the world with his outlandish prints and fun fashion. His collections are futuristic with a flash to the past - the perfect combination of space-age, sports wannabes and dollar signs. There really isn't much you can say about his clothes - they definitely speak for themselves...

Once upon a time, I would never even think of wearing a unicorn/Bart Simpson Jumper/Big Bird costume.. Now, I find myself questioning whether I can pull it off and how do I accessorize?  He has completely changed my opinion on so many items of clothing and brings some much needed humour into the strict and serious fashion world.

What particularly stood out for me, was the collaboration with Adidas. Each design is so different - some colourful, printed and intricate and some more simple but they all have that Jeremy Scott signature swag and look like they came from clothes heaven. The shoe line is just crazy cool.

 I will definitely be looking to get a pair of JS trainers after Christmas, have my eye on the Miami License Plate pair! I have also found a Bart Simpson sweater dupe here!

What do you think? Too much or too cool?


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