Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Wish List #3

This week my entire wish list is from East End label, Oh My Love! I have spent quite a few days pining over the pieces on their website and there are lots more items featured on ASOS!

oh my love

1. This Dogtooth printed jumpsuit is so sweet! It would looks great with chunky boots and keeps with the 90's grunge revival (which I hope never goes away!)

2.  As a girl who leaves the house with the kitchen sink, I've started to really like smaller bags (and so have my shoulders.) This Grey Fringe Bag is the perfect size and a nice neutral colour for everyday use.

3. I don't care if it's rarely sunny these days, everyone should always wear sunglasses. These neon pink ones will definitely brighten up a winter day!

4. Next are these Black Leather Gladiator Boots by The WhitepepperThe Whitepepper smock dresses are a permanent feature on my mental wish list and I think these boots would look so cute with them!

5. Now, another beautiful pair of grungy shoes from The Whitepepper - these adorable loafers! I love white shoes and I think cut out is my favourite detail! These would love so cute with patterned trousers!

6. I kind of wasn't sure about the whole mom jean thing at first. I think it's because I'm curvier and it's hard to get jeans to look baggier when you have thighs! These ones have swayed me little because I love the colour and fit!

6. Last is this Black Mesh Shoulder Top. I really like shoulder pads and structure in my clothes and I love that this top has elements of structure but it's still very simple with only a gold trim and sheer panels.

What do you think of Oh My Love?


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  1. the white loafers are dreamy....check my new wishlist xx

  2. Loving the black heels!


    Piera Anastasia

  3. Love that jumpsuit! I love that 90's vibe!!! XO

  4. Amazing choices, I want all the shoes <3
    ASOS is crazy good at the moment x

  5. Love the bag and shoes!

  6. that jumpsuit is so cool, and i completely agree that chunky boots would be the way forward with it!

    i really love your blog so i'm following you now, you're little social icons are so cute haha! i'd love it if you checked out my blog too!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  7. love the wishlist!! nice items :) mine is soooo long, I wish I could just buy what I want, haha . but I guess eveyone does this :P
    I really like your blog :) keep going with it, it's really lovely.

    And feel free to check out mine :) I'm happy for any visits, comments, new readers on bloglovin or a facebook like. So if you really like my blog, let me know:) I also follow back if I really like the blog :)

    All the best,