Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Casio at The Watch Hut

So, last week the lovely people at The Watch Hut sent me a mini Casio watch*! I am really in love with it and thought you might like a peek!

I originally wanted to do this post with my own photographs but after a week of trying, my camera still won't focus properly on the watch face :(

Here's an awful little instagram shot!

As you can see, it's such a sleek design and as much as I love gold - the silver looks far more elegant. I think it needs to have a few links taken out but I do like a loose watch, so it should be fine for now. Also, very happy with the burgundy face - it give such a nice vintage feel to the watch and it's very A/W.

Before my watch arrived, I had a little look at The Watch Hut website and found so many more beautiful pieces! They have a great selection of coloured Casio watches and I love the gold ones with the patterned faces!

What do you think? Are you on the hunt for a Casio watch at the moment?


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Product shot taken from The Watch Hut

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