Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does Primark clothing get any better than this?!

For me, Primark has always been more than just a staple. 

I grew up near to a tiny shopping centre and the only place to buy clothes was Primark and the world's smallest branch of New Look. So I've basically watched Primark develop from a basics, mumsy, 'don't tell anyone this is from Primark!' kind of store to quite the front runner of fashion in 2013. 

This year's A/W collection does not disappoint. 

See for yourself (and prepare for an image overload...)

So it looks way more expensive than Primark, right? 

My favourite thing about this collection is the textures. A great variety of textures is key to building layers during A/W and these pieces are spot on.

I love all these items but I know what you're thinking.. 'Primark clothes last for five minutes..' or ' yeah, I might see that item in a magazine but it will never be in my local store..' Unfortunately, I think that is the price you pay for cheaper items. Primark will never be a luxury clothing brand and the content in their stores vary greatly, but they're investing a lot more into their quality and their designs, as you can see from this amazing, on-trend and unexpected collection.


Images from LOOK Magazine